The Reality of My Retirement

What it’s been like during the first nine weeks of retirement. October 7, 2017. When you leave a career you’ve loved for 40 years, it’s easy to worry about what the transition to the retired life might be like, but I am here to report that retirement for me is off to a wonderful start….

Summer of 17.

The summer of a teacher is a beautiful thing. That is unless it’s too short or you work too much. This year summer was both too short and I worked to much. That is if I were going back to teach on August 7. But I’m not. This is my retirement summer. By the way you…

Jim’s First Day of School Advice to All My Teacher Friends

 I have always used the metaphor that a school year is like going on a long boat ride on a sometimes raging river. There are rapids ahead, and we all need to be a part of navigating the waters together. Triumphantly. Sadly. I have just stepped out of the boat and am waving and shouting…

People Who Were Nice to Me

While listening to a podcast on my ride yesterday, the speaker talked about those times when you can’t sleep and you start thinking about those “people who were nice to me.”  I’m not talking about the people I know who are nice, but rather those who for no particular reason watched out for me, took…

The Retirement Journey of James Mason Jordan

The long and winding road into retirement. When you hit 55 here in California, a teacher can begin thinking about the retirement process. At some point starting at age 55 you must declare with STRS what option you plan to take for your retirement benefit which will depend on if you have a spouse and…

Father and Son and Friend Spring Training 2017 Adventure

I got another one of my “big ideas.” Robert was scheduled to have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, February 24 in preparation for his chemo and radiation treatments  set to begin on Tuesday, February 28. Why not leave that Friday afternoon, fly to Phoenix and see three Giants spring training games? Take Monday off. Perfect….

Brain Tumor Journey

It all begins.  This journey began on Sunday, November 20 at 5:15 p.m It’s a journey no one wanted to take, but that’s just how it goes sometimes I guess. We were all hanging out together that Sunday. Kate wasn’t working. Robert was home. We we just enjoying the beginning of Thanksgiving break looking forward to a…

The Kitchen

The Kitchen. Saturday, October 1, 2016. Gary came up with the idea of celebrating my birthday and Peggy’s birthday at The Kitchen. First Course Bittersweet October Butter and Hops-Basted Sea Scallop Tomato Jam, Centennial Hops, Roasted Sunchokes and Vadouvan Spices Chef’s Notes: An ode to the most lustrous of months, October is a messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause…

Mentoring Creativity

Megan O’Connell Squires created this video for a presentation she was giving on creativity in September 2014

Dennis, You Made It Home

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 16, 2016, Dennis Harris, my friend of nearly 18 years, went home to be with the Lord after battling esophageal cancer for seven months. Dennis taught me how to live a life sold out for Christ and how to die with grace and dignity.