Cruisin’ Alaska with the Jordans – Day Five


Today has been a pretty low key day. We arrived in Skagway at about 6:30 a.m. and watched the tugs maneuver us into port. As we had decided not to book an excursion, we just lounged around all morning and had a very late breakfast. If we were going to do an excursion, we would have chosen one of the ones that takes you on the White Pass Railroad into Canada to Dawson City. That seems to be the very best option out of Skagway.2018-08-28 11.00.24

Walking into Skagway. We had no idea how long it was going to take or how far it really was to get into Skagway, so we just started walking and following the signs. In the end the walk into town was a little over a mile I think. Yes, it was raining. It rained every minute of the time we were out. We had to stop for this train. That’s the one we could have taken in to Canada. Maybe next time.2018-08-28 11.17.24

National Park. First thing we did in Skagway is stop at the  Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitors Center and watch a movie about the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898. Fun to learn all sorts of new things about this brief part of American history. The Klondike Gold Rush is one of those things you’ve heard of but probably know little about. First of all there was no gold found in Alaska, it was all found over the pass in Canada. Skagway was the place where the “stampeders” would arrive on their journey to find gold – usually on ships coming from Seattle. they would buy all their supplies her and then head over the pass into the Yukon. The problem was that all that best land for gold had been claimed long before any of the stampeders got her. So most of hem just turned around and went back home.

The kids are enjoying the rain in Skagway.2018-08-28 11.18.16

That big red thing on the front is to cut through snow drifts.2018-08-28 12.22.39-2

Cool Skagway statue. Apparently every city in Alaska has a big bronze statue in the center of town commemorating their unique history.2018-08-28 12.23.30

Where ever you go. There you are. Take your pick where you want to go. It won’t be quick, but you can get there.2018-08-28 12.23.52

Broadway. Lots of fun shots of downtown Skagway2018-08-28 12.34.28

Trees. A view right off of Broadway.2018-08-28 13.09.07

Learn to speak Tlingit. Here’s a dictionary for you but no pronunciation guide.2018-08-28 13.29.36 cBroadway. Broadway is definitely the main drag. Notice the gigantic cruise ship at the end of the street. There were four in the harbor today.2018-08-28 13.30.15 c2018-08-28 13.32.57 c

Red Onion. The Red Onion Saloon was a brothel. We could have taken a 20-minute tour for $5. it would have been more appropriate, if it was a 1.5 minute tour for $5 I think.2018-08-28 13.33.09 c

Allie High. Our favorite place we found was a small local art store on Broadway that sold art created by current and former Alaskan artists. Christine bought a beautiful pair of earrings and some note card with native Alaska pictographs by Allie High. They are her own take on the traditional pictograph designsUntitled

Heading back to the ship. About three hours in Skagway was enough excitement for us.2018-08-28 13.37.23

Rockin’ the rock art. These pieces of rock art lined the hill across from the ship dock. Most of them commemorate crews and captains of the cruise ships over the years.2018-08-28 13.55.00

Back home again.2018-08-28 13.59.00

It would stop raining once we got back on the ship. This was our view from our room while we were still in the harbor at Skagway.2018-08-28 16.50.52

Mark Preston Show. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, went to the Martini Bar where we hung out with our new friends Mitch and Michelle from Houston and Neil and Shameeron from orange County, and then it was time for another show at 7. Tonight it was Mark Preston whom they described as an “international entertainer.”  Turns out he was part of the Lettermen for 11 years but not one of the three originals. I was expecting it to be super cheesy, but it was actually amazingly good and fun. Perhaps the best part was the seven piece orchestra they had to accompany him. 2018-08-28 19.26.41

The Two ladies. These two lady statues stand in the hallway on deck 4 between the theatre and where we have dinner. Every time we pass them, we shake there hands or give them five.2018-08-28 20.06.012018-08-28 20.06.14

Next up. South to Victoria. Tomorrow we are back at sea heading south for nearly 48 hours to arrive in Victoria, BC by 5 p.m. on Thursday.

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