Northrise Adventure 2016 (2) Friday tour and preparations

One of the aspects that has set this trip apart is that there are so many people here who have NEVER been to Zambia before. They have all been friends of Northrise, but they have never made the trek to Ndola. So on Friday we took a tour of Mapalo, Arising Life, and Caravelle House.

Mapalo Morning Glow Academy

0G4A6232Mapalo Morning Glow Academy. It was fun being back at Mapalo. Christine had led the Vacation Bible School here in 2011 and in 2015 we had seen the amazing construction of the chapel, the glasses ministry, and the great kids who have school therSo for their benefit we went on a tour in the morning of Mapalo, Arising Life, and the now empty Caravelle house. Madalisto was our tour guide

• girl cropMessages from a friend. Joanne Grienke had brought some letters and photos to a girl at Mapalo who one of the team had connected with last time on Impact. Quite a moment.

0G4A6287Shake it like a Poloaroid picture. Joanne brought a Polaroid camera to share with the kids

0G4A6290Mr. Fun. Kyle was having fun with Anderson and the kids looking a videos he shot of them. You can always find Kyle in the middle of something fun. Kyle is the guy who Jeff Gladstone is working with to start the School of Engineering at Northrise.

0G4A6301Bottle Cap Rattle. This little cutie just showed up while we were standing outside. Notice the bottle cap rattle. And that she only has one shoe.

0G4A6322Sounds of Mapalo. One of the best parts of being at Mapalo is hearing the students sing

JA poloroid cropPolaroid time. Every one loves having their picture take on a Polaroid camera.

Chapel crop

Mapalo Chapel. Built by Talowood Baptist Church in Houston, Texas during Impact Ndola 2015. Not at all sure how much use it is currently getting.

Arising Life Academy

0G4A6342Arising Life. Pastor Joyce Chimbila shares her vision for her school with the Northrise tour group.


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