Adri Turns 80

Adri Jimmerfield is 80.


We first met Adri in the early 70s when she and her husband Gil came to Placer High to start a Young Life club. They started hanging out and making connections with kids at games and other school events and I remember they fist took kids to Woodleaf, Young Life’s camp outside of Marysville, sometime in 1970 when I was a freshman.

By my sophomore year, Young Life Club was where you had to be on a Monday night. That summer my best friend Paul Robie had gone to a week-long camp at Woodleaf which increased all our interest and gave it more credibility with everyone’s parents.

All the Young Life club meetings sort of blur together at this point. I do remember having club one night at our 195 Shields Ave home. The leaders set up near the front door and kids spread out into the dining room and living room areas.

In that fall of 1971, I made my first trek to Woodleaf Camp. Lauri Farley, one of the young leaders-she probably was all of 21, recent Westmont grad and hired by my father to teach elementary school at Rock Creek,  picked me up from my wrestling match and we drove up together. I had had my drivers license barely a month and she let me drive her Brish racing green MDB-GT. Not such a great idea. It had recently snowed and as it turned out the roads were icy.

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  1. DearJim, I found you by happenstance, looking for Adri. So pleased to see her looking happy and vibrant as ever. And to know you’re well and happy. Kind regards,


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